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Clive Stannard

Honorary Visiting Fellow

School of Archaeology and Ancient History

My current research interests include:

  1.    The imitative coinages of Pompeii in the 1st c. BC, and imitative coinages
    in central Italy in Hellenistic times generally.

  2.    The ‘Italo-Baetican assemblage’, an as-yet-unpublished group of bronze and lead coinages from central Italy and from Baetica in the 2nd and early 1st centuries BC, which share a unique iconography.

  3.    Foreign coins from central Italy in late Hellenistic times.

  4.    The identification of ‘currency areas’ and coin circulation in the Western Mediterranean in late Hellenistic times.

  5.    Technologies of die and coin manufacture.

  6.    Techniques of weight-adjustment in ancient coinages, and the implications
    for metrology.

  7.     The crisis in small change that developed in central Italy in the middle of the 2nd c. BC, and lasted to the time of Augustus.

Greek and Roman Numismatics